Up-cycled bicycle tube earrings


Each earring is crafted with strips of cleaned, up-cycled bicycle tire tubes combined with a bicycle chain roller.  The earring clasps and round rings are a nickel-free metal with silver finish.

The Natchez Trace is a 444 mile historic recreational road that offers a scenic view of three states, Tennessee, Alabama and Mississippi.  It roughly follows the “Old Natchez Trace”, which is a historic travel corridor used by American Indians, European settlers, slave traders, civil war soldiers (North & South) and various other groups and historical figures throughout history.  Today it’s utilized for hiking, cycling, horseback riding and camping. It’s also home to cycling’s well known Race Across America qualifier, the Natchez 444. Racers have 44 hours to complete the route to earn a totem and qualify for RAAM. What makes the race unique and appealing is that the 444 mile route is one road, no stop signs, no turns, no driveways, no dogs, no gas stations, chain stores…etc. It’s also unique in that for 444 miles, cyclists may use the full lane.

The “Natchez” was created for RYLU’s own Rose Willey and her race crew to signify the event and as a good luck gift as they took on the challenge of finishing this historic race, earning an ultra cycling totem and becoming a RAAM qualifier.  Rose and crew members Heather Poskevich & Sarah Byas raced all 444 miles wearing the new style to successfully finish in 26 hours, 50 minutes, a noteworthy achievement we’re excited to celebrate with them!




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