Rylie – Pink

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Up-cycled bicycle chain earring

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Named for John’s daughter, this earring epitomizes Rylie.  She’s a pretty amazing three ring circus, shining with joy and wonder at all life’s things.  She’s an animal tamer, with her zoo of 75+ stuffed ones, and her favorite pets – Bandit, Lilly and Mittens.  Other times she’s tumbling around hula-hooping with a spoon on her nose, or singing karaoke to make you smile and laugh.  She loves her BFFs, playing sports and watching movies – but not sharing the popcorn, you have to steal that from her.  Above all else, she is a smart, kind and beautiful person.

Each earring is crafted from the rollers of up-cycled used bicycle chain that has been disassembled, cleaned and polished.  The earring clasps are a nickel-free metal with a gunmetal finish, and the round rings are a nickel-free metal with a pink colored finish.

1 review for Rylie – Pink

  1. Lael

    I absolutely love my Rylie earnings! The quality is top notch, and as a bonus, they go with everything!

    Because these earrings are made with recycled bike parts, they consist of high quality metal. This means they stay shiny and new for a really long time! Other cheaper earrings become dull and chip, but these still look spectacular after months of repeated wear.

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